How to Avoid Online Ticket Fraud

(Feature Image: Copyright Gary Glaser/ The UK events and entertainment industry is on the rise. Millennials of our world are revelling in the opportunity for a mental escape from the daily grind of work, eat, sleep, repeat. It’s not surprising to discover, then, that between April 1st 2017 and March 31st 2018 there were 6486 […]

The Most Valuable Football Teams in England 2018

‘Value’ is defined as: ‘The regard something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something’ in the Oxford Dictionary. In their analysis of 50 football brands, Brand Finance defines value to be crucial to corporate brand sponsors looking to leverage the popularity and global appeal of the world’s ‘beautiful game.’ Driven to […]

Where are they now? The most popular career choices for former footballers

In their splendour and glory, former footballers played in front of crowded stadiums, and adoring fans. But the nature of becoming a footballer means you’re more than likely to retire at the average young age of 35. Some footballers choose the more obvious route of coaching after they retire, but some footballers go with slightly […]

Ticketgum: 8 Commercial Trends in Sport 2018

There’s plenty to look forward to in the world of sport this year. To highlight what’s new to the industry, studied the Neilson Sport report “Commercial Trends in Sports” to pull 8 commercial trends that illustrate just how the sporting world is changing.   New Sporting Powers Emerging markets are increasingly engaging with and […]

Which Premier League clubs have changed their manager the most?

Over the years, a controversial term has crept into football dialogue. ‘Short-termism’ is a phrase with negative connotation for teams opting for short-term managers, rather than sticking to one manager for an extended period. If a club isn’t getting good and consistent results, managers tend to be in the firing line, and this is where […]

The Premier League teams 2017/18 with the most affordable match day experience

The Premier League is undisputedly one of the most exhilarating top-flight leagues in the world. This has certainly been true for this season, with Manchester City under the stewardship of Pep Guardiola establishing a dominate lead at the forefront of the league. Dynamic summer recruits such as Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) and Ederson (Manchester City) have […]

How Long would it take to earn your footballing namesake’s weekly wage?

Over the years, the astronomical earnings of top-flight footballers have been widely talked about. Considering, on average, a Premier League footballer earns more than £300,000 a week – it’s easy to see why there is an underlying controversy. In fact, recent research by ‘Sporting Intelligence’ has found that the average weekly income for a Premier […]