Pre-game Rituals Of Famous Football Players.

Pre-game rituals of famous football players.

You may not believe it, but football players are one of the most superstitious people on Earth. Before the beginning of every game, they often perform strange rituals. Some athletes enter the field only with a certain foot, others do not change their underwear for a long time, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of the most bizarre football rituals and superstitions of famous football players.

Cesc Fabregas kisses a ring given to him by his wife four times.

Cesc has a weird habit of kissing a ring given from his wife four times before he gets onto the pitch. He mentions he isn’t superstitious at all, but he feels this habit brings him good luck. He kisses the ring four times because he believes that four is his lucky number as he had that number on his shirt throughout his whole career.

Wayne Rooney eats Coco Pops before every match.

Rather than eating the traditional pre-game meal, Wayne Rooney prefers eating a bowl of cereals. His favorite is the Coco Pops, and he is very particular about it. But he insists that he isn’t superstitious at all and doesn’t have any other pre-game ritual.

Neymar has a chat and a prayer with his father over the phone before every game.

Neymar one of the most talented and gifted player of his generation. He always has a little talk and a prayer with his dad before every game. He is a very religious person and therefore believes this habit brings him good luck. Neymar also has a close relationship with his fans and therefore posts a picture of himself on his social media before the game.

John Terry has a few pre-game rituals.

John Terry has a series of pre-game rituals. He used to sit on the same seat on the bus every time. He and his former Chelsea teammates admit he was using the same urinals every time he went to the bathroom. He used the same shin pads for the last ten years before he lost them. That’s not all he also used to tape his socks exactly 3 times.

Thibaut Courtois and his pre-game routine.

Thibaut Courtois has a series of weird and unusual pre-game superstitions. In his own words first, he enters the stadium corridors at a particular time. Then he texts his girlfriend. After that, he goes to the bathroom, takes a selfie of him sitting on the toilet, and sends it to four of his friends in Belgium. Then he puts on his left shoe, and sock first as he is left-handed.

Wait, it doesn’t end here. Before going on the field, he wets the tip of his gloves. He hits the goal post with his foot and punches the middle of the goal net. He says that after doing all this, he enters a trance and then can’t be distracted.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Pre-Match Routine

The Portuguese star striker doesn’t leave anything to chance. In the team bus, he always sits in the back row. In a plane, it’s the front row. He always steps onto the football field with his right foot first, and during half-time, he will adjust his hair.

Gerd Müller: Size Matters.

Football boots should fit well. But former German player Gerd Müller insisted on wearing shoes that were three sizes bigger. He said he was able to rotate better that way. Austrian Johann Ettmayer, on the other hand, wore shoes that were too small. He said football boots should be like “condoms for your feet.”

If it helps them to win, then who are we to judge their strange habits, right? So secure your place today and be part of the experience, because there is nothing better than watching a live football game.

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