Top 10 worst football kits ever.

Football is a team sport and the jerseys the players are wearing represent the team they are playing for. So they must be special, beautiful, made in a way that gives respect to the players. But that’s not always the case. We have collected some of the worst football shirts in history – an absurd collection of a complete fashion disaster that makes the players look they have lost a bet.

  1. The Chelsea away kit from 1995.

  1. This Sierra Leone shirt for season 2010/11 is something you don’t see every day.

  1. This Ajax away kit from Umbro, season 1989/90 will give you a headache.

  1. This home kit for Athletic Bilbao season 2004/2005.

  1. This Huddersfield T-shirt from 1993 is something you just can’t explain.

  1. The Hull City kits from season 1992/93 is a complete fashion disaster.

  1. Home Rainbow T-shirt for the German “Bochum”, season 1997/98.

  1. This weird 1990 Australia Home T-Shirt looks like it was inspired by Picasso.

  1. This home kit for 1860 Munich from 2010 is Created to ‘celebrate’ the club’s 150th anniversary, the shirt is apparently filled with glorious scenes from the club’s past.

  1. It’s pretty obvious why the win goes to The Colorado Caribous with their 1978 shirt.

So, as you see, sometimes football can be a fashion mess, but regardless of that, we still love our favorite teams and support them, no matter how bad the kits can sometimes be.  When it comes to supporting your football team, there is no place like Ticketgum – the best place for buying football tickets online!