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A Liverpool match is always exciting; but it's the most exciting when viewed from top seats at the club's home stadium, Anfield. At 132 years old, it is one of the oldest active stadiums in the world. Combined with watching one of the best football clubs in action, a visit to Anfield would surely be thrilling to anyone passionate about football and particularly Liverpool's fans. There's no better time than the present to purchase tickets for the next Liverpool match!
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Anfield Stadium History

Interesting Facts about Anfield

Anfield stadium is located in Anfield, a district of Liverpool. With a seating capacity of 44,742, it is the seventh largest football field in England. The stadium's record attendance to date is 61,905, at a match between Liverpool and Wolverhampton Wanderers that took place on 2 February 1952. Two gates in the stadium are named after former managers of Liverpool: Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly. In addition, just outside the stadium, there is a statue of Shankly. The stadium is currently undergoing expansion for the purpose of increasing its capacity to 59,000.

The History of Anfield

Anfield was opened in 1884, and it was originally owned by John Orrel, a friend of John Houlding, a member of the Everton football club. At the time, Everton were in need of a new venue, and this resulted in Orrel renting the pitch to the club for a small amount. During Everton's tenure, many matches were played in Anfield including the British Home Championship between England and Ireland, in 1889. In 1892, Everton's attempt to purchase the land from Orrel led to a dispute, which led to Everton's move to another stadium and the formation of Liverpool F.C by Orrel. Liverpool's first match at Anfield was played on 1 September 1892. In the following decades, new stands were gradually erected, but the most significant addition was the redesign of Spion Kop, which was extended to hold 30,000 spectators, making it the largest Kop stand at the time. In 1957 the stadium installed floodlights, and in 1973 it underwent its most extensive redevelopment, in which the old Main Stand was demolished and replaced by an all-new one. The following years saw further expansions of Anfield, with another significant structural change occurring in 1998 with the opening of the new two-tier Anfield Road end, and the addition of support poles and stanchions in 1999-2000 after complaints from fans about movements of the top tier.

Other Activities in Anfield

Besides Liverpool games, over the years Anfield has also hosted many international matches, including some of the matches of the UEFA Euro 1996. In the mid-1920s, Anfield served as the finishing line of the city marathon. In the years between the two world wars, boxing matches were held at the stadium regularly, including boxing championships. Other types of events held at Anfield stadium over the years include tennis matches and rugby matches. Anfield has also served as a venue for music performances; a notable example is a concert held on 1 June 2008 featuring Paul McCartney, The Zutons and Kaiser Chiefs.
Fans can visit the stadium not only to attend matches but also to take tours. There are several types and combinations of tours visitors can enjoy – The Liverpool FC Story & The Steven Gerrard Collection, The Liverpool FC Story – Museum & Meal, Legends Q&A & The Steven Gerrard Collection and more, depending on the season. In addition, there are two special tours called Experiences: in The Anfield Experience, fans meet their favorite Legends who share their experiences, do Q&A sessions and accompany fans on a tour of the stadium; and in The Ultimate Anfield Experience, fans also have the opportunity to train with the coaches and their Liverpool Legends at The Academy.

What Should You Wear for a Visit in Anfield?

Anfield does not specify any particular dress code for regular seats, but there is a specific dress code for several select seats and boxes. In the hospitality lounges, smart casual dress is required, including home kits and colors, and smart jeans and trainers. Tracksuits, as well as away colors, are not allowed.
For regular seats, it is advisable to dress according to the Liverpool weather. Take care to wear ample layers, jeans, a warm coat and waterproof boots in the winter; a regular jacket, any long trousers, and layers in the spring and autumn; and lighter clothes (with a warmer, longer top just in case) in the summer. It is always recommended to bring umbrellas and scarves, in case it starts to rain.

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Not surprisingly, Liverpool home games are always very popular, and tickets are in high demand. So if you want to attend a game at Anfield, be sure to order your tickets in advance. Otherwise they'll sell out. Enjoy your visit to Anfield!