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Do you wish to see Tottenham Hotspur in action? A great place to do is White Hart Lane, which has been the team's stadium for well over a century.  It is one of the most famous football stadiums in the world, and well worth a visit. Only you should visit it soon – because it's planned to shut down during 2017. So don't forget to book your tickets for one last game at White Hart Lane – before it's gone!
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White Hart Lane Stadium History

Interesting Facts about White Hart Lane

White Hart Lane, often referred to simply as "the Lane", is located in Tottenham, London. It was opened on September 4th, 1899. Today, after numerous renovations, the stadium has a capacity of 30,000; however, historically, before seating became popular, it could fit over 70,000 people. The highest ever attendance in the stadium has been 75,038, at a match against Sunderland in March 1938. Besides football matches, White Hart Lane has been used for various events: in the past, it hosted England international matches, it occasionally hosts England's Under 21's international games, in the 1990s it hosted American football matches, and it has also been used for boxing.

The History of White Hart Lane

Originally, the stadium was a disused brewery nursery, which was renovated into a football pitch when Tottenham Hotspur moved into it in 1899. At the beginning of the 20th century, it underwent redevelopment which turned it into a stadium that could seat 16,000 people. Later, the famous bronze fighting cock (the team's mascot) was erected on the roof of the stadium's West Stand. Floodlights were introduced to the stadium in 1953. Throughout the next decades, the stadium underwent numerous renovations, including the erection of perimeter fencing (and then its removal, following the Hillsborough disaster); replacement of the West Stand; completion of the South Stand, the introduction of a Jumbotron screen and more. Around the millennium, after having been Tottenham's home field for more than a hundred years, the need arose for moving the team to another stadium, as White Hart Lane's capacity failed to meet needs. Several existing stadiums and arenas were considered, but negotiations fell through. Finally, Tottenham decided to go through with the Northumberland Development Project, which includes building a new stadium for the team adjacent to White Hart Lane.

Other Activities in White Hart Lane

During the construction of new Wembley Stadium, White Hart Lane replaced it as the location of England international matches. After Wembley was completed, White Hart Lane has occasionally been used to host international matches of England's Under 21 football team. In 1995-1996 The stadium hosted American football games and was home to the London Monarchs American Football team. The stadium has also been used for boxing occasionally.
White Hart Lane welcomes visitors and offers tours of the stadium, where one can get the total Tottenham experience. A tour usually includes the players' dressing rooms as well as the tunnel, the dugouts, the press auditorium and the directors' box.

What Should You Wear for a Visit in the White Hart Lane?

White Hart Lane does not specify a dress code in general, except for several special seats and boxes. Smart casual dress is required at The Goalmouth, Danny Blanchflower Longe, Lilywhite Lounge, Gary Mabbutt Lounge, Pat Jennings Lounge, Steve Perryman Suite, Captain's Club, Legends and Loge Boxes; and at the Executive Boxes, the Bill Nicholson Suite, and the Centenary Lounge. Business casual dress is required at The Oak Room and The 125 Club.
For regular seats, dressing according to the London weather should be okay: multiple layers, a coat, jeans and waterproof boots in the winter; layers and a regular jacket in the spring and autumn; and lighter clothing (with a cardigan/jumper just in case) in the summer. Umbrellas and scarves are recommended through all seasons, in case it starts to rain.

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