Are Manchester United Now The Template For Arsenal To Follow?

When Sir Alex Ferguson retired, everyone in football looked at Old Trafford to see how the club would cope without the Scot at the helm. Ferguson wasn’t just integral to Manchester  United, he was the fabric around which it all revolved. The board got it wrong. David Moyes, despite Ferguson’s recommendation – was too similar […]

Wenger’s future still undecided as Arsenal performs horribly

The manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger has not yet decided the future of his club. Till a few months back only some Arsenal fans wanted a new manager in the next season of English Premier League, but now most of them want a new one after seeing the fourth loss of Arsenal in the five […]

Achievements of clubs in the Premier League and Champions League 2016-17

The English Premier League 2016-17 is the 25th season of this famous football championship, which is the top professional league for English association soccer clubs. This football league commenced in 1992 and since then it has remained the best one.   The latest season of the Premier league started on August 13, 2016 and will […]

The Cost of a Premier League Match Day Experience

The Premier League is arguably the best league in the world. The football is not only exhilarating but the players are mesmerising to watch. Unlike other leagues around the world, where the ‘big teams’ tend to dominate, every Premier League club is genuinely tested to justify their Premier league status and ambitions. This notion is […]

Should Arsenal Back Alexis Ahead Of Arsene Wenger?

One of England’s great clubs is a shambles. An owner who doesn’t care about winning, a board obsessed by the bottom line and a manager whose time has passed. If you used it as the basis for a film script, no-one’s sure whether it’s a comedy or tragedy. But there won’t be a happy ending. […]

Arsenal’s Potential New Managers Rated

Arsène Wenger continues to hold Arsenal hostage to fortune with a decision over his own future. The Frenchman, in charge in North London for two decades, faces unprecedented criticism of his management and the continued lack of Premier League title challenges. With another embarrassing exit from the Champions League on the cards and the Premier […]

French Open: Can Murray and Djokovic Fight Back Against Aggression

The world ranking still show Andy Murray as number one and Novak Djokovic close behind at number two. No-one is expecting them to change places with those below them any time soon. But come the French Open in May, will they be competing in the final at Roland Garros, or will the usurpers, both young […]

Predictions for the French Open 2017

Every summer, generally between the mid of May and early July, everyone around the world enjoys the splendid French Open or Tournoi de Roland Garros. Like every year, Roland Garros is just around the corner. This popular event is very soon beginning and people have already started making their predictions for the French Open 2017, […]

5 top stadiums ranking in the EPL

There are a lot of stadiums across the globe, where different football matches take place. These stadiums are located in different locales and different countries worldwide. Every football club has its own stadium, which lends a totally different ambience at every football match. Among so many, we have listed the 5 top football stadiums, as […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

Two hundred miles south, Arsène Wenger’s Arsenal reign is disintegrating into chaos. Back-to-back defeats against Watford and Chelsea ended their title hopes, bar the maths. The Gunners slipped to twelve points behind the runaway Premier League leaders and find themselves mired in a fight for a top four spot. With Hull City visiting the Emirates […]