Where is the Best Place to buy Football Tickets?

Want to watch your favourite team play a match and get the full football stadium experience? There are many places where you can buy football tickets. But it’s important to consider all the options and find one which won’t leave you penniless. In this post we have explored 5 options and we will determine which are the best places to buy football tickets.


Box Office

A box office is probably one of the obvious choices if you’re wondering ‘where is the best place to buy football tickets?’ You can purchase from box offices either online, on the phone or even purchase them in person if you feel more comfortable doing so.  However, buying your tickets from the box office can be unnecessarily pricey, so looking for other alternatives may be a better idea.

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At Ticketgum, we provide an excellent online service for those who want to buy football tickets and experience a faultless football viewing in the best seats and at a good price. Our website provides tickets for all matches which you can easily browse through by: the club, name of tournament, the location or date. Our website is trusted by many and we have numerous loyal customers who make ticket purchases on our website on a regular basis. Ticketgum should definitely be on your list of the best places to buy football tickets if you’re looking for somewhere reliable and well-priced to buy from.



Craigslist is perhaps one of the riskier places to buy football tickets online from. Buying football tickets through Craigslist often involves sending money to an unknown seller which can be an unsettling experience for most. On the other hand, a benefit is that people who sell tickets on Craiglist price them at a cheaper price than a box office would. However, you run a risk of being sold fake tickets, or sometimes no tickets at all. So, do be careful if you do choose to buy tickets from this particular online forum. According to many, this isn’t the best place to purchase online football tickets.



eBay is a popular website that provides its customers with brand new products, second hand necessities and, most often than not, does a good job at it. But is eBay really the right place to buy your football tickets? The answer is most likely no. They pose a similar problem to Craigslist – you don’t know if you’re being sold actual tickets, or whether it’s simply a scam. It’s important that you try and prevent online ticket fraud from occurring. Furthermore, eBay don’t have a large selection of football tickets to buy from, which makes them less useful. If you want to know where the best place to buy football tickets is, be wary of eBay as an option.


Outside the Stadium

Is the game you want to see sold out? Are you considering buying tickets from somebody outside of the stadium, before the match? You run the risk of being sold fake or even stolen tickets at very elevated prices. Furthermore, it’s imperative to bear in mind that re-selling tickets is against the law and has been since 1994. So, people who sell football tickets outside the stadium, also known as ‘ticket touting’, are essentially breaking the law by selling to you. Outside the stadium is not recommended as one of the best places to buy football tickets, be aware of this if you decide to take the chance.

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This is the list of some of the most common places to buy football tickets. Not all are the best options, but we would recommend using an official Box Office or TicketGum to purchase your tickets.

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