League members:  60 Spanish teams have competed in La Liga since its formation. 20 teams contest for the title every year.
Formed in: 1929
Club with most victories in the League: Real Madrid
Greatest scorer in the League: Lionel Messi of Barcelona

La Liga is the first division (Primera División) in the Spanish football league, Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional. The top 20 Spanish football teams contest for the title every year; the three teams who place lowest are relegated to the second division (Segunda División). Since 2010, La Liga has been the strongest football league in Europe (it has won the most UEFA Champions League tournaments – 16 in total), and it is one of the most popular professional sports leagues in the world.

Spanish La Liga History

History of La Liga

The idea to form a national football league in Spain was first proposed in April 1927 by José María Acha, a director at Arenas Club de Getxo, one of the first Spanish football clubs. After some debate, 10 leading clubs were chosen to form La Liga, most of them previous winners or runners-up of the Copa del Rey (a cup competition for Spanish football clubs). The new league kicked off with Barcelona winning the first title in 1929. La Liga was suspended during the Spanish Civil War and resumed its activity after the war ended, but some teams were negatively affected by the war as some of their players were lost to execution, exile or as casualties. For most of La Liga history, the dominant teams were Real Madrid and Barcelona (the Big Two), followed by Atlético Madrid, Athletic Bilbao and Valencia.

The Most Successful Clubs in La Liga History

Real Madrid has won La Liga more than any other team – 32 times, most recently in 2011-12. During its career, the club has had two five-in-a-row sequences of league titles (1961-1965 and 1986-1990) and two three-in-a-row sequences (1967-1969, 1970-1980). Barcelona is the next most successful club in La Liga, boasting 23 titles, most recently in 2014-15.

Greatest Scorers in La Liga History

The greatest scorer in La Liga is the legendary Lionel Messi of Barcelona, with 286 goals from 2004 to present time. He is followed by Telmo Zara, formerly of Athletic Bilbao, with 251 goals scored from 1940 to 1955.

Memorable Moments in La Liga History

Here are several moments in La Liga history no football fan will ever forget:
  • Messi's first official goal: seven and half months after 17-year-old Messi joined Barcelona, he scored his first official goal for the club in May 2005, in a game against Albacete at Camp Nou.
  • Barcelona's guard of honor for Real Madrid: Before the 2008 final match between Barcelona and Real Madrid began, with Madrid's title already secured, Barcelona welcomed the club into the pitch with roaring applause.
  • Ronaldo's 2010 hat-trick in Mallora-Real Madrid game: in the May 2010 match between Mallorca and Real Madrid, Ronaldo was responsible for all three goals in the game, leading to a 3:1 victory.

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Spanish La Liga Table

Atletico Madrid382310579
Real Madrid382210676
Real Betis381861460
Real Sociedad381471749
Celta Vigo3813101549
Athletic Bilbao3810131543