Manchester United, also known as Man U or the Red Devils, represents the pinnacle of English football.
The most successful English football club in the history of the game, and one of the most valuable franchises in the world.
Manchester United has dominated domestic and European football for over a century spawning multiple domestic rivalries and some of the most dramatic matches ever seen.
With some of the most impressive collections of football talent, with the current team led by star midfielders, Casemiro and Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United remains one of the most supported and sought out clubs by fans around the world.
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Manchester United Tickets Information

How to get Manchester United tickets?

The simplest way to get Manchester United match tickets is to use a third-party reseller, like Ticketgum.
Ticketgum is a secure and trusted platform that has a wide variety of seats available for you to find tickets that fit your budget.

How to get Manchester United away tickets?

You can get Manchester United away tickets through Ticketgum.
You can filter Manchester tickets by home and away to make it easy to find the away games you’re looking for.

One away day always sought after by United fans is the crunch trip to Anfield to renew rivalries with Liverpool. To find out more about visiting Liverpool's famous ground ahead of a big match, check out our in-depth Anfield stadium guide.

Can I buy Manchester United tickets without a membership?

Yes, you can buy Manchester United tickets without a membership.
All you need to do is visit a third-party reseller website, like Ticketgum, and search for the game you’re looking to attend.

Can I buy Manchester United tickets outside of the EU?

Yes, you can. Third-party sites, like Ticketgum, allow you to purchase Manchester United tickets from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a valid credit card.

How to get Manchester United champions league tickets?

Manchester United Champion League tickets are really hard to get from the official website.
The best way to purchase champion league tickets is through Ticketgum, where you find a wide range of tickets and take your time selecting what’s best for you.

How to get cheap Manchester United tickets?

To get cheap Manchester United tickets, visit Ticketgum.
The website allows you to filter by home and away games so you can focus on the tickets you want for the best price.

How to buy Manchester United season tickets?

The current waitlist for Manchester United is over 75,000 people, which is more people than you can fill in the entire stadium!
If you’re last in line, the estimated wait is 20 years and the waitlist is currently closed for the 2022-2023 season.

Manchester United hospitality tickets?

What are Manchester United hospitality tickets?

Old Trafford has 21 suites and over 140 boxes to suit everyone’s budget and game day experiences.
  • Suites, Dining Inclusive
    Enjoy a suite with a complimentary bar, a 5-course a la carte menu, allocated parking, and premium seats. 
  • Suites, Optional Dining
    Enjoy a suite matchday experience with the option for drinks to purchase and flexible dining options to purchase.
    This is great for anyone that wants to limit their expenses and have their guests decide on their food and drinks. 
  • Executive Boxes
    Enjoy a private box with an outdoor balcony that has a view of the action.
    In your box, you’ll have a complimentary bar, a 4-course choice menu, and complimentary parking or a signed shirt.

When do Manchester United hospitality tickets go on sale?

Usually hospitality tickets are released at the same time Manchester United tickets go on sale, which is 8 weeks before the game.

Manchester United - Background

Manchester United is one of the most valuable franchises in all of football, and the most successful football club in English history.
With a record number of premier league titles, “Man U” has enjoyed a long reign of dominance over football at the domestic and continental level dating back to the 1960s.
The club has remained a winner in modern football, recently winning the UEFA Europa Cup and EFL Cups as recently as the 2016-2017 season.
  • Team manager:

    Erik ten Hag 
  • Team captain:

    Harry Maguire
  • Number of championships:

    13 Premier League & 7 EFL First Division Championships
    2 Second Division Titles
  • Number of Cup wins:

    12 FA Cups 
    5 EFL Cups 
    21 FA Charity/ Community Shields 
    1 UEFA Europa Cup
    1 UEFA European Cup Winners’ Cup 
    1 UEFA Super Cup
    1 FIFA Club World Cup
    1 Intercontinental World Cup
  • UEFA Champions League wins:

    3 UEFA Champions League Titles
  • Formed in:

    1878 as Newton Heath LYR, 1902 as Manchester United.
  • Nickname:

    The Red Devils.

Manchester United Stadium

  • Name:

    Old Trafford
  • Capacity:

  • Address:

    Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester M16 0RA, UK.
  • Description:

    Old Trafford was originally built in 1910 and the latest renovation was made in 2006.
    The stadium was rated the second top-ranked football stadium in the UK and is the largest football venue in the world.

    Best way to travel to (useful information):

    We recommend getting to Old Trafford using public transportation because many streets are closed off before and after the game.

    There are authorized racks around the stadium, but you need to bring your own bike lock.
    You can find a cycle rack at these locations 
    N2 (Sir Alex Ferguson Stand)
    E2 (East Stand)
    W2 (West Stand)

    Metrolink and Railway Station:
    Most fans arrive at Manchester Piccadilly Railway station, which is 3 miles from Old Trafford.
    To get to the stadium from Piccadilly station, use the Metrolink and stop at The Old Trafford stop, adjacent to the cricket ground.
    It’s about a 10-minute walk to the stadium from the stop. 

    There’s another branch line going to Eccles from Manchester Centre There are two stops to leave the tram, Pomona or Exchange Quay and it’s about a 12 minute walk to the football stadium.

Manchester United Cups:

  • Premier League
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa Cup 

Manchester United tickets price by competition:

Manchester United match in the: Low High Average
Carabao Cup £56 £430 £155
Champions League £65 £509 £191
Community Shield £45 £290 £145
Europa League £55 £275 £154
FA Cup £65 £520 £144
Premier League £59 £679 £207

Manchester United tickets price by stand:

Old Trafford Stadium Stands Average Ticket Price
Sir Alex Ferguson (North) £125
East stand £119
Sir Bobby Charlton (South) £135
West Stand £105

How much are Manchester United tickets?

The average Manchester United ticket’s price is between £145 to £207

How much are Manchester United away tickets?

The average price of Manchester United away ticket is between £210 to £265

How much are Manchester United home tickets?

The average price of Manchester United home ticket is between £120 to £195

How much are Manchester United season tickets?

The average price of Manchester United Season ticket is between £135 to £225


  • Liverpool:
    The North West Derby, one of greatest rivalries in all of football, and possibly all of the sports, Liverpool and Manchester United have dominated English and European football since the Mid-1900s.
    Each club has traded decades of dominant stretches over each other, with a combined 39 league titles, 20 FA cups and 37 FA Community Shields.
    The clubs have faced off head to head in over 200 matches, with each meeting between the clubs representing the pinnacle of English football. 
  • Manchester City:
    A local rivalry of Manchester, deemed the Manchester Derby, has become a fixture in English Football and a highly anticipated event for football fans across England and the world.
    While Manchester City has not nearly achieved the level of success and dominance of Manchester United, they have enjoyed recent success over Manchester United with a large influx of talent since 2010 including multiple FA Cup and Premier League titles and injected new blood into the ongoing rivalry between the Manchester clubs.
  • Chelsea:
    Chelsea vs Manchester represented a staple in the Premier league in the mid-2000s with both cups exerting a reign of dominance over the league title for nearly a decade.
    Two of the most successful football clubs in English history, with some of the most impressive collections of football talent ever assembled, matches today between clubs remain dramatic and highly sought out by fans.
  • Arsenal:
    Arguably the greatest rivalry in the early years of the Premier League's history, Arsenal and Manchester United represented two of the most dominant forces in football for nearly a decade after the Premier League’s inception.
    With dramatic matches and constant contests for League titles, both clubs have continued with sustained excellence and a constant assembly of top tier talent for many years.
  • Leeds United:
    A historical rivalry dating back to the early days of English football, Manchester United and Leeds United battled frequently for First Division supremacy in the mid 1900s leading up to their First Division title match in 1991. Since then Manchester United has had a reign of dominance in the Premier League, that has since been renewed with the greatly improved Leeds squads of recent years.



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