Team manager:  Mauricio Pochettino
Team stadium: White Hart Lane
Team captain: Hugo Lloris
Number of championships: First Division – 2 times; Second Division – 2 times.
 Number of Cup wins: FA Cup – 8 times; League Cup – 4 times; FA Charity Shield – 7 times; UEFA Cup – 2 times; UEFA Cup Winners Cup – 1 time; Anglo-Italian League Cup – 1 time.
Formed in: 1882
Nickname:  Spurs, The Lilywhites
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Tottenham Hotspur History

Tottenham Hotspur – Background

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. was founded in 1882 in Tottenham, London as Hotspur F.C., by players from a local cricket group and St. John's Presbytarian Grammar School. In 1908 Tottenham was elected to the Second Division, after it had already won the FA Cup in 1901 (the only non-league team to win the Cup). In 1921 Tottenham again won the FA Cup, but later was relegated in 1928, and once again in 1935. However, after WWII, Tottenham became one of Britain's most successful teams, being promoted in 1950 and winning the First division in 1950-51. The early 1960s were a period of resounding success for the team. In 1961 Tottenham was the first club in the 20th century to win a "Double"– both the league and the FA Cup; and it won the FA Cup again in 1962. In 1962-63 the team won the UEFA Cup Winners Cup, and in 1966-67 it won the FA Cup once again. The team proceeded to win the League Cup in 1971 and 1973; and in 1972 Tottenham was the first club to win the newly-formed UEFA Cup. A less successful period followed, but the team was back on its feet in the 1980s: it won the FA Cup in 1981 and 1982, and the UEFA Cup for the second time in 1983-84. In 1991 Tottenham won the FA Cup for the eighth time; several dry years followed, until the team won the League Cup for the third time in 1999. The 21st century began rather quietly for Tottenham. The club won the League Cup for the fourth time in 2008.

Titles won in Britain

Tottenham won the First Division twice (most recently in 1960-61), the Second Division twice (most recently in 1949-50), the FA Cup 8 times (most recently in 1990-91), the League Cup 4 times (most recently in 2007-08) and the FA Charity Shield 7 times (most recently in 1991).

Titles Won in Europe

Tottenham won the UEFA Cup twice (most recently in 1983-84), the UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1962-63 and the Anglo-Italian League Cup in 1971.

Tottenham Hotspur's Most Successful Period

So far, Tottenham's most successful period seems to have been 1960-1972, when it had won more titles and cups than in any other period in its career. Most notable were its double win of the Premier league and the FA Cup in 1961; and its success in Europe, demonstrated by winning the UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1962-63 and the UEFA Cup in 1971-72.

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