Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, most commonly referred to as Spurs or The Lilywhites, is a professional football club that is based out of North London, England.
Led by Club Manager Antonio Conte, Tottenham is one of the most historic clubs in the English Football League, and a top team in the Premier League, the EFLs highest tier.
Tottenham has top talents such as team captain Hugo Lloris, striker Harry Kane and forward Son Heung-Min.

Tottenham 2023/2024 Fixtures


Tottenham Tickets Information

How to get Tottenham tickets?

Tottenham match tickets can be purchased from the official Tottenham website.
However, they’re sold to members first and the best seats are usually sold out.
The best way to purchase Tottenham tickets if you’re not a member, is through a third party reseller platform.
Ticketgum is a secure and trusted platform that allows you to filter by game as well as seat location.
You’ll have the easiest experience finding the exact tickets you want within your budget.

How to get Tottenham away tickets?

Ticketgum makes securing Tottenham away tickets for Premier League games easy.
Ticketgum separates home and away games to help you filter for the tickets you’re looking for. 

One away day always sought after by Spirs fans is the crunch trip to Anfield to face the might of Liverpool. To find out more about visiting Liverpool's legendary ground ahead of a big match, check out our in-depth Anfield stadium guide.

Can I buy Tottenham tickets without a membership?

The best way to buy Tottenham tickets without a membership is to purchase through a third party reseller, such as Ticketgum, where you can filter by match, stadium section, and more.

Can I buy Tottenham tickets outside of the EU?

Yes you can.
You can purchase Tottenham tickets through Ticketgum and it is a completely trusted and secure website for local and international purchases.

How to get Tottenham champions league tickets?

Securing Tottenham Champions League tickets is difficult because the team is great and demand is high.
The most trusted and simplest way to purchase tickets is through Ticketgum.
You can find tickets through reseller platforms, such as Ticketgum’s Champion League tickets page. 

How to get cheap Tottenham tickets?

Third party reseller websites, such as Ticketgum, are great for cheap Tottenham tickets.
You’ll have the largest access to home and away game tickets and choose what side of the stadium you want to sit.

How to buy Tottenham season tickets?

Season tickets are automatically renewed for the following season.
If there are any season tickets available, they’re offered to One Hotspur Members.
You will need to become a One Hotspur Member today to secure your place on the season ticket waitlist but it will also provide you with exclusive access to tickets and more. 

Tottenham hospitality tickets?

What are Tottenham hospitality tickets

Tottenham has changed the way guests experience matchdays.

  • Loge Suites
    Enjoy an intimate dining space with the ambience of a larger restaurant with barriers between tables, making the dinner more private. This is a great way to create an intimate experience with friends.
  • The Tunnel Club
    Get close to the action with seats behind the players!
    You’ll have access to the manager’s post-match press conference, view of the player’s tunnel, guest speakers, two parking passes, and more! This hospitality package is perfect for hardcore fans.
  • East Sideline Suite
    Enjoy a premium suite for up to 18 guests, fully stocked with a complimentary bar, private table, and more!
  • The Suites on Four
    Create a premium experience with a private area to entertain guests.
    These suites are perfect for companies because you can brand them to reflect your company’s brand and style preferences.
    It accommodates 21 people and you’ll have access to exclusive Member Events & Benefits, complimentary bar, luxury padded seats, and an amazing view.
  • Premium Seats
    Elevate your matchday experience with padded seats and a complementary half-time drink!

When do Tottenham hospitality tickets go on sale?

Tickets usually go on sale 8 weeks before the game but you can inquire earlier by emailing the stadium about hospitality availability.

Tottenham  - Background​

Tottenham Hotspurs were formed in 1882 as the “Hotspur Football Club'' and renamed “Tottenham Hotspur Football Club” in 1884.
The most successful period for the team was in 1960 where Tottenham became the first team to complete The Double in the 20th century.
The Double is winning a country’s top tier division and primary cup competition in the same season.
Tottenham was a founding member of the Premier League in 1992, finishing in mid-table most seasons but is now ranked as one of the top 6 clubs.

  • Team manager

    Antonio Conte
  • Team captain

    Hugo Lloris
  • Number of championships

    Tottenham has won the English Football League 2 times.
  • Number of Cup wins

    4 League Cups 
    8 FA Cups 
    1 UEFA Winners’ Cup 
    1 UEFA/ Europa Cup.
  • UEFA Champions League wins

    Tottenham has not won the UEFA Champions League, but they were runner up in the 2018-2019 season.
  • Formed in

  • Nickname

    The Lilywhites

Tottenham Stadium

  • Name

    Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
  • Capacity

  • Address

    782 High Road, London, UK.
  • Description

    Owned by Tottenham Hotspur F.C., the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium replaced the club’s previous stadium, White Hart Lane.
    It opened in 2019, is the third-largest football stadium in England, and has the world’s first retractable football pitch.

    Best way to travel to (useful information)

    The easiest way to get to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is by public transit. 

    Arriving by London Underground:
    The nearest Underground/Overground stations are Seven Sisters Zone 3, Victoria Line which is 1.5 miles away.
    From there, you can catch a train to White Hart station or take a bus to the stadium entrance.
    If you take a train to White Hart Station, it’s a 10-15 minute walk to the stadium

    National Rail:

    Arrive at London Liverpool Street station and you can take the overground service to White Hart station, Abellio Greater Anglia services to Stratford, Greater London, Essex and Norfolk to White Hart station, or London Underground connections.
    For the shortest walk to the stadium, we recommend you take the Abellio Greater Anglia service to White Hart stadium.


    There are bus services from Seven Sisters running past the stadium entrance.
    You can take bus routes 149, 259, 279, 349, or WS as these routes all stop outside of the stadium.

Tottenham cups

  • FA Cup 
  • UEFA Europa and Winners Cup

Tottenham tickets price by competition:

Tottenham match in the:




Carabao Cup




Champions League




Community Shield




Europa League




FA Cup




Premier League




Tottenham United tickets price by stand:

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Stands

Average Ticket Price

The South Stand


The North Stand


The East Stand


The West Stand


How much are Tottenham tickets?

The average Tottenham ticket’s price is between £145 to £172

How much are Tottenham away tickets?

The average price of Tottenham away ticket is between £199 to £290

How much are Tottenham home tickets?

The average price of Tottenham home ticket is between £125 to £165

How much are Tottenham season tickets?

The average price of Tottenham Season ticket is between £175 to £230


Main Rivals:

  • Arsenal
    Tottenham and Arsenal west are one of football’s greatest rivalries in the North London Derby.
    It is one of England’s longest-running rivalries, dating back to 1913 when Arsenal moved their stadium to Highbury.
    The new home stadium made the two team neighbors and naturally a rivalry was born.
  • West Ham United
    Though this rivalry cannot compare to Arsenal, West Ham United has been a longtime foe with dramatic matches and over 200 meetings between the clubs.
    Tottenham has prevailed in the majority of matches to date, and has been the more successful of the two clubs.

Minor Rivals:

  • Chelsea
    A rivalry dating back to the first FA cup final where Tottenham prevailed victorious, Chelsea and Tottenham have a heated rivalry that continues to modern day football as another London based team.
  • Burnley
    Burnley represents a rivalry dating back to the mid 1900s with an exciting meeting in the FA cup with Tottenham emerging as champions, Burnley is a rivalry that although not as notorious as the modern day rivalries with Arsenal, remains ingrained in the hearts of the Tottenham football fans.


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