League members: The 20 top-ranked football clubs in Italy are members of the Seria A league.
Formed in: 1929
Club with most victories in the League: Juventus
Greatest scorer in the League: Silvio Piola

Seria A is the premier league for Italian football clubs and Italy's most important football competition. Serie A is considered to be one of the best football league in the world as well as the most tactical national league. The league boasts the highest number of finalists for the European Cup. The league ranked 1st among European leagues in the years 1986-1999, and today is ranked fourth, after La Liga, Permier League and Bundesliga.

Italian Serie A History

History of the Serie A

Before Serie A was officially formed, clubs in Italy competed in regional groups. However, as the number of clubs in each region grew, the FIGC (Italian Football Federation) split and united the clubs into several different organizations during the 1920s. Finally, after several crises, settings were changed again to include the southern clubs in the league, forming the Serie A as it is known today. In the 1948-49 season the league experienced a tragedy as a plane crash killed the entire team of Torino; as a token of respect, the team were declared champions of that season. Until 2003-2004 the winning team would bear a scudetto, a small shield showing a coat of arms with Italian flag, on their strip until the following season. From 2004-05 onwards, the winning team is awarded an actual trophy, called the Coppa Campionni d'Italia.

The Most Successful Clubs in Serie A History

The club with most titles in Serie A to date is Juventus, with 31 championships (most recently in 2014-15). Milan and Internazionale follow, with 18 championships each. Another interesting fact is that Milan is the second club with most official international titles (18) in the world, after Barcelona.

Greatest Scorers in Serie A History

The greatest scorer in Seria A history is Silvio Piola, a former player who played for clubs Pro Vercelli, Lazio, Juventus and Novara in the years 1929-1954. He scored 274 goals in total. He's followed by Francesco Totti, a Roma player, who's scored 243 in the course of his career, from 1922 till today.

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Italian Serie A Table

Inter Milan382012672
AC Milan3818101064