Cup Participants:  Countries participating in the Cup are members of the ITF (International Tennis Federation), which is made up of 210 national tennis associations across the world.
Formed in: 1900
Team with the Most Cups: the United States

The Davis Cup is the premier international competition for men's lawn tennis; it is contested once a year between teams from competing countries. The competition is organized by the ITF (International Tennis Federation). The 16 best national teams compete in the Davis Cup as the World Group. Nations that have not entered the World Group compete in one of the regional zones (Europe/Africa), Asia/Oceania, Americas).
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Davis Cup History

History of the Davis Cup

The Davis Cup was officially founded in 1900, after several members from the Harvard University's tennis team had an idea to challenge the British to a tennis match in 1899. The first match took place at the Longwood Cricket Club in Boston in 1900. By 1905 the competition had expanded to include France, Belgium, Austria and Australasia (a combined team of Australia and New Zealand). Over the years, more countries joined the competition, first from Europe and later from Asia and Africa. Today 210 tennis associations from different countries all over the world compete in the Davis Cup.

The Most Successful Teams in the Davis Cup History

Following is the list of teams and players who won the most titles in the Davis Cup to date:
  • Winner of most Davis Cups – United States, with 32 victories, most recently in 2007.
  • Winner of the most consecutive titles – United States, 7 times from 1920 to 1926
  • Most consecutive final appearances – Australia, 23 consecutive finals appearances from 1946 to 1968.
  • Most titles as an individual – Roy Emerson (Australia), with 8 titles, most recently in 1967.
  • Most rubbers won (total) – Nicola Pietrangeli (Italy).

Memorable Moments in the Davis Cup History

Here are several moments in the Davis Cup history no tennis fan will ever forget:
  • In 1991, France won the Davis Cup for the first time in 59 years. Guy Forget and Henri Leconte, the two-man French team, lost the opening match in the final, but later each of them played against Pete Sampras and won, and they won a doubles match against Ken Flach and Robert Seguso.
  • In 2011, a dramatic game between Juan Martin del Potro (Argentina) and Rafael Nadal (Spain), del Potro, just recently recovering from an injury, gave a stellar performance which forced Nadal to change tactics during the game. In spite of del Porto's extreme efforts, Nadal was the one who'd finally won the game.
  • In 2012, the Czech Republic had won its first Davis Cup as a sovereign country in a mesmerizing game against Spain. It was a safe bet that Spain would win the game, considering its advantage over the Czech team. However, after a rocky start, the Czechs gave a tremendous performance, managing to secure the cup.

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