Barca has the Most Fans but Man Utd has the Most Devoted Fans

The latest research by shows that the Premier League clubs aren’t financially so successful simply for being the best at selling the game. They are financially so successful also because they have the most devoted fans. Ticketgum found that despite not having as many fans as their popular counterparts in the La Liga, the […]

Europe’s Most Loyal Goalkeepers by League, REVEALED

A goalkeeper, warmly referred to as “goalie” or “keeper”, is an essential part of a football team. Filling one of the major positions in associated football and perhaps one of the most specialised too; these players are often overshadowed in name and glory by others: the high-profiling defensive, midfield and attacking big-boys.   Sports ticket […]

REVEALED: The Most Common Crimes Committed by Sport Players

Wayne Rooney who left Manchester United for Everton recently had  landed himself in hot water with not only his missus but also the law, when he was found driving a car allegedly owned by a 29-year-old female, whilst under the influence of alcohol. Reports regarding the lives of sporting stars are often a mixture of […]

Premier League Football: The Cost of Social Change

Manchester United’s, Juan Mata has vowed to donate 1% of his annual salary to a charity that supports global football initiatives for disadvantaged children. With the news at the forefront of today’s sports media – it would be amiss not to take a long, hard look at the issue of the overplayed and overpaid. Not […]

How football has changed over time

Since the inception of the Football Association 154 years ago, the landscape of the beautiful game has changed remarkably. The game has grown, evolved and adapted to the needs of its ever-growing audience. Here at, we investigated the most prolific ways in which football has changed over the years, and the general direction football […]

Are Paris-St Germain breaking the rules by signing Neymar?

Paris-St Germain (PSG) completed their record-breaking deal to sign Brazilian footballer, Neymar, from Barcelona last week on a five-year contract. He has now become the world’s most expensive footballer at a staggering 222 million euros – equivalent to £198 million – more than double the price of the previous £89.3 million world-record deal held by […]