The World’s Most Football-Crazy Countries

With around 3.5 billion fans worldwide, football is the single most popular sport in the world, harnessing the power to captivate nations like no other sport.  Modern football, as we know it today, originated in 19th-century England, but the present-day love for the sport knows no borders. Across the globe, certain countries stand out as […]

Ranked: The Top 10 Best Stadiums in the World

It’s known as ‘the beautiful game’ for a reason. In the world of football, where passion and camaraderie converge, stadiums serve as the majestic arenas where dreams are made, legends are born, and history is written. From the roar of the crowd to the excitement of penalty shootouts, stadiums aren’t just a place to watch […]

Which Country Has the Fastest Footballers on FIFA?

Football is a sport that transcends borders, cultures, and languages — uniting fans around the world in their love of the game. The same rings true for EA’s FIFA 23.  Speed is a key factor in the game, and indeed the sport as a whole. The ability to break through the defence and create scoring […]

The Football Club With the Most Loyal Players

Football, soccer, whatever you call the beautiful game, there are millions of fans of it all over the world. This couldn’t be more true than in Europe, where countless fans fill stadiums to watch games in the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A.  While the fans may be loyal to their clubs, how […]

10 Biggest Premier League Football Rivalries | Ticketgum

Football derbies are one of the things that makes the Premier League the best in the world. Games such as Man United vs Liverpool, Tottenham vs Arsenal and Liverpool vs Manchester City are some of the top matches to watch on the planet. Tickets for football derbies and other big Premier League games are therefore […]

How To Spot Fake Football Tickets: A Guide

Unfortunately, online ticket fraud is becoming increasingly popular. While some tickets may be genuine, many are fake. In fact, over the course of the season, an average of 80 to 100 forged tickets are seized per game, leaving supporters unable to enter the stadium, disappointed and out-of-pocket – the last thing any football fan wants […]

The Most Competitive of the Top 5 European Leagues in the Last Decade

Which is the best league? What is the most competitive league in Europe? It is a debate that rages on through many matchdays and drinking sessions down at the pub. “Surely it’s the Prem, anyone can beat anyone”. “It can’t be the Spanish League; there’s only two teams”. “I think it’s the Croatian second division” […]

THESE World Famous Goals earn THOUSANDS on YouTube!

Let’s be real, watching your favourite team scoring goals is the best part of the beautiful game. We all know that feeling of pure elation when your team scores, especially when it’s a winner! These moments are what we love the game for, so it comes as no surprise that people love to re-watch their […]

The Premier League has the most loyal players in Europe

The idea of loyalty in football is seen as being something of the past, considering the game is a lot more “money” orientated, meaning players are always willing to move for more money. To explore the most loyal players in Europe, Ticketgum has analysed statistics, taken from the CIES Football Observatory Atlas which shows the […]