Visiting Old Trafford Stadium (Manchester United) – Matchday Guide 

Old Trafford is a football stadium and home of Manchester United. The stadium was originally built in 1910 and was last renovated in 2006. It’s the largest out of all Premier League football stadiums with a capacity of 74,310, made with two long-side stands and 2 short-side stands. Manchester United Football Tickets 2022/23 are now available! 

About Old Trafford 

Old Trafford was rated the top stadium in the 5 top stadium ranking in the English Premier League and the second top-ranked football stadium in the UK. The grounds are iconic and it’s the largest football venue in the world, home to one of the most popular teams. It’s also one of the four UK-based arenas to have been awarded the prestigious UEFA fives-star ranking for its renovations and expansions. 

Most of all, Old Trafford is fabled as the place in which some of English football's most iconic moments came to pass. Alongside Liverpool's Anfield home, Old Trafford has been the place which has experienced more glory than any other English ground. For any football fanatic who wants to experience the magic of Anfield - English club football's other mecca - visit our in-depth Anfield stadium guide to ensure you can enjoy Liverpool's iconic home in all its glory.

Old Trafford Tickets Information

Tickets, Seats, and Stands 

Old Trafford has four seating stands:
  • Sir Alex Ferguson Stand on the north side 
  • The East Stand 
  • Sir Bobby Charlton Stand, the only single-tiered stand 
  • The West stand, also known as Stretford End, is the designated seating area for hardcore United fans
Finding the best seats in a football stadium is a difficult task. The closer you are to the field, the more the tickets cost. Arguably, the best seats are on Sir Alex Ferguson stand or Sir Bobby Charlton Stand in the lower tier category. These seats are so close you can smell the grass and you’ll be sure to see all the action. The upper-tier seats in this section also give you the best view of the entire field. Tickets in this area range from £26 - £59 from the official website.

The cheapest seats are on the West and East stands in the 3rd tier behind the goal, and people can argue these are the worst seats. This is because it’s hardest to see depth from this angle. But you’ll get the best view of the goals! Tickets in this area range from £19 - £42 from the official website. 

Buy Manchester United Stadium Tickets today! Prices depend on where you’re sitting and who Manchester is playing against. 

Away fans stands

The Away Fans section consists of 4 blocks in the corner of the East Stand and South Stand – blocks E132, E230, E231, and E232. It’s a unique spot and if you’re able to get upper-tier tickets you’ll have a fantastic view. You’ll find that most away fans are standing for parts of the game because there isn’t a lot of legroom, but that’s just part of the fun! 
Manchester United only sells tickets to its own supporters and visiting clubs sell their own allocation of tickets themselves. If you’re looking for away tickets, you’ll need to speak with your own club. Most of the time the tickets go to home team season ticket holders. You can sometimes find resold away game tickets but they will usually be more expensive. 

You’ll need your tickets to enter the stadium and the stadium restricts bags that are larger than 20cm x 15cm x 5cm. If your bag is bigger, you’ll have to check it into the store before entering. 

Old Trafford hospitality: premium/VIP tickets and private boxes

Experience a special matchday experience with Manchester United. Old Trafford has 21 suites and over 140 boxes to suit everyone’s taste and budget. 

Suites, Dining Inclusive:

Enjoy a suite experience with a complimentary bar, 5 courses a la carte menu, allocated parking, and premium seats. The perfect matchday experience with everything included. 

Suites, Optional Dining:

Enjoy a suite matchday experience with the option for drinks to purchase and flexible dining options to purchase. This is great for anyone that wants their guests to decide their own drink and food options. 

Executive Boxes:

Enjoy a private box with an outdoor balcony with a spectacular view of the action. In your box, you’ll have access to a complimentary bar, four course choice menu, and complimentary parking or a signed shirt. This is the perfect way to enjoy the game with added privacy for business outings or with friends and family. 

All the premium options are a great experience and you can’t go wrong with any of them. However, if you’re looking to maximize your value, we suggest going with the optional dining suite to allow your guests to purchase whatever food and drinks they want. This way, you’re able to enjoy the premium matchday experience without worrying about a large bill at the end of the night.

Old Trafford gates and entrances 

The pitch has several entrances around the stadium and they are accessible from the street. The entrances of the stadium are marked with a letter and a number. This is where you show your entrance ticket and a steward can make sure you’re in the right aware for your seat. The entrance number will be directly on your ticket. 

Here are the entrance numbers you should look for per stand:
  • South Stand - S20 - S22
  • East Stand E30 - E37
  • West Stand W10 - W16
  • Sir Alex Ferguson Stand N40 - N49

How to get to Old Trafford

We recommend getting to Old Trafford using public transportation. It can take longer to go by car because there’s so much traffic and some streets are closed off. 


You can only secure your bike at an authorized rack, but you need to bring your own bike lock. Bikes that are secured in other areas of the stadium will be removed. 
You can find a cycle rack at these locations:
  • N2 (Sir Alex Ferguson Stand)
  • E2 (East Stand)
  • W2 (West Stand)

Metrolink and Railway Station:

Most fans are likely to arrive at Manchester Piccadilly Railway station, but that’s 3 miles from Old Trafford. The best way to get to the stadium is by Metrolink from Manchester Piccadilly station. The Old Trafford stop is adjacent to the cricket ground, and you’ll have to walk half a mile, about 10 minutes, to get to the stadium. 

There’s another branch line going to Eccles from Manchester Centre There are two stops to leave the tram, Ponoma or Exchange Quay and it’s about a 12-minute walk to the football stadium.
If you’re traveling to Old Trafford from London, take the train from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly, the journey is about 2 hours. 

Parking next to Old Trafford

The local motorway and roads around Old Trafford are busy on matchdays so it’s not worth driving. If you choose to drive, there are a couple car parks and nearby businesses selling parking along Chester Road and other nearby streets. You will be paying £5 at a minimum for street parking, or you can try to pack at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground for £10 but you should arrive before 1pm to try to get a spot. 

Landmarks and points of interest in Old Trafford 

Whether you’re a fan of Manchester United or not, you should spend some time exploring the perimeter of Old Trafford.
  • Munich Memorial: A popular spot is in the East Plaza at the end of Sir Matt Busby Way. On the wall of the stadium’s Southeast corner is the Munich Memorial, a plaque that pays tribute to the players and officials who died in the 1958 Munich Air Disaster.
  • United Trinity Statue: Behind the East Stand, you’ll find the United Trinity Statue. It was unveiled in 2008 and shows the “Holy Trinity” of George Best, Bobby Charlton, and Denis Law. These players were part of the Club’s first European Cup success in 1968. 
  • Manchester United Sign: Around the corner from here is the East Stand, where you’ll find a red “Machester United” signage above the most recognized exterior view of Old Trafford. Take a selfie here to remember your gameday experience!

Infrastructures, stores, food, and drink

Old Trafford was originally built in 1910 and through renovations, it now has two long-side stands and 2 short-side stands which create a unique appearance. The upper-tier seats give an amazing view of the entire stadium. Old Trafford has a Megastore where you can buy souvenirs, as well as food stands and toilets near every entrance of the stadium. 

Food and drink at Old Trafford

Old Trafford is old ground, and it doesn’t have a concourse for food. Finding food and drinks depends on where you are sitting, and most in-stadium concession stands have long waits. You’ll find standard British foods like hot dogs, fries, fish and chips, and meat pies. Manchester United also reduced beer prices at Old Trafford to as low as  £3 a pint — the lowest in the Premier League. You can also bring your own food or drinks into the stadium, but they will be checked, and you cannot bring alcohol.

Stores and merchandise at Old Trafford

Don’t come to a game without visiting the Megastore. The world-renowned store in the East Stand of Old Trafford stadium. The store is the biggest shop devoted to football and you’ll find shirts, scarves, kits, keyrings, and more. There’s also a shirt printing kiosk available on matchdays at the new kiosk opposite the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand. 

Old Trafford Tours

Walk in the footsteps of your favorite team at Old Trafford.

Museum & Stadium Tour

You’ll have access to the museum, and the player’s tunnel, to walk the world-famous pitch, visit the dugouts, and take as many pictures as you want. 

Legend Tours

These tours aren’t as frequent as the Museum & Stadium Tour. In this tour, you’ll view Old Trafford with iconic players and hear the stories of the victories of the players. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Old Trafford area

Old Trafford borders the cities of Manchester and Salford. It’s home to the Lancashire Country Cricket club and is known for being an international sporting destination for many visitors. It boasts history and heritage with over 200 buildings and many nature reserves. Like many cities, Old Trafford has a mix of wildlife reserves, entertainment, shopping centers, pubs, and more.  

Hotels and accommodations 

Enjoy your matchday experience with a great hotel stay! 
  • Hotel Football is an upscale football-themed hotel that is 2 minutes away from the stadium. It’s owned by former players Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, Phil Neville, and Gary Neville.  It has a basement bar, rooftop view, and more. It’s the perfect nighttime experience to add to your matchday.  
  • Trafford Hall Hotel is in an old Victorian building with a rich history. The hotel has an original period staircase and a unique atmosphere with great character. It’s 15 minutes from the stadium and 10 minutes from the city center. 
  • The Ramada Manchester Hotel is a modern, value for money hotel that is perfect for any fan just looking for a place to sleep the night before and after the game. It’s a 15-minute walk from the stadium as well.

Pubs and restaurants 

Most Old Trafford pubs and restaurants get very busy on matchday, but luckily, there are many places to choose from.
  • Café Football is a 2-minute walk from the stadium, located in Hotel Football, and is the ultimate venue for a fun, relaxed, and upbeat atmosphere. You’ll find a menu filled with burgers, pizzas, pies, fish and chips, and healthy dishes.
  • 1887 Sports Bar & Café is a 15-minute walk from the stadium. It’s a sports bar inside the historic Trafford Hall Hotel. Located close to the Metrolink stop, this is the perfect place to get a beer before the game. If you come early enough, you can also grab a complimentary parking spot.
  • The Quadrant is 5-minutes from the stadium and is the ideal spot for some food and a drink. You’ll find a wide variety of gin, run, bottles beer, wine, and more. 


Besides being known as a sporting destination, there are a lot of places to see near Old Trafford stadium.

If you are interested in history, head to the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal and the Imperial War Museum North. It’s only 17-minutes away from the stadium and you’ll be provided with an immersive experience documenting people over a century of war. 

If you like nature, visit the Salt Water Park. It highlights the natural beauty of the countryside of Trafford and includes a 52-acre lake which is the site of the Broad Ees Dole wildlife refuge.

Visit the Quays, a stunning waterfront with a theatre, gallery, museum, and shopping. It has everything you need for a great day out, including an awesome backdrop for an evening stroll. The Quays is a 30-minute walk from the stadium. 

Old Trafford History

Old Trafford was originally opened in 1910. During the Second World War, it was used by military as depot, but it was damaged by the German bomb raiding and was completely rebuild as a stadium in 1957. After that, a roof was completed, and capacity was increased over time with more renovations. 


Is Old Trafford in Manchester?

Yes, Old Trafford is in Greater Manchester, England.

How old is Old Trafford?

The stadium was built in 1910 and is 112 years old. 

Can you bring a backpack to Old Trafford?

You can bring a backpack into Old Trafford if it is smaller than 20cm x 15cm x 5cm. Regardless of what size your bag is, it will be searched before allowing you to enter with it. If your back is larger, it must be brought to Bag Drop with a collected after the game is over. You will be charged £5 to leave an item and it will go to the Manchester United Foundation. 

How long before kick-off should I arrive at Old Trafford?

We recommend arriving at the Stadium at least one hour before kick-off starts.

Can you bring a water bottle to a football game?

Yes, as long as there’s no more than 500ml of water in the bottle and the bottle and liquid are clear.
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