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AFC Ajax, otherwise referred to simply as "Ajax", are a Dutch professional football club based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The club are known to be the most successful club in the Netherlands, typically playing in the top division: Eredivisie.

Background to AFC Ajax

Ajax was founded in 1900 - the second attempt to create the club, which was originally named Football Club Ajax in 1894. The club was promoted to the highest level of Dutch football in 1911, under Jack Kirwan, but the team were relegated a few seasons later in 1914. Ajax had to wait until 1917 before being promoted to the highest level again, due to World War I.  

After their promotion, the club won the Dutch national cup final, as well as their first national championship in 1918. The 1920s were just as successful for the team, winning regional titles in 1921, 1927 and 1928, as well as other cup victories too. The 1930s was even better, as the team won a staggering 8 regional titles and 5 national championships, making them the most successful team of that era.

The 1940s were a period of rebuilding for AFC Ajax, when the club sought new players to give the team a new lease of life. But it wasn't until 1954 that Ajax began to experience success once more, when professional football was introduced in the Netherlands. The club went on to win the first Eredivisie championship (the highest division) in 1957 and again in 1960.

In 1969–70, Ajax won the Dutch league championship, winning 27 out of 34 games and scoring 100 goals - in part due to the legendary Johan Cruyff. The following year (1971) was a year of glory for the team, with Ajax winning trophies at both domestic and European level, and even seemed on their way to the European treble! However, this run ended a few seasons later when Cruyff left the club for Barcelona in 1973.

After a period of decline, Ajax returned to a period of domestic success in 1977, by winning 5 league championships and 4 cups. However, around this time, their European record was much to be desired as between 1980 and 1986 the club failed to progress past the second round for six years.

In 1985, Johan Cruyff returned to the club for the third time, but this time as a manager. He had a fantastic start, and where Ajax ended the season with 120 goals in total. Despite their lack of domestic league success, Cruyff's Ajax won the 1987 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, and reached the Cup final again in the following season. Unfortunately, Cruyff left the club soon after due to declining results on the domestic front, along with a number of Ajax stars.

However, it wasn't until Louis van Gaal became manager, a change in tactics were made. Results came in his first season, winning the 1992 UEFA Cup and were runners-up in the league. The 1994–95 season saw Ajax win both the UEFA Champions League and the league title after going unbeaten in both tournaments.

The 1994–95 season saw Ajax win both the UEFA Champions League and the league title after going unbeaten in both tournaments. In addition, they won the 1995 Intercontinental Cup and reached the 1996 Champions League final. However, van Gaal departed the club, along with many key players, which became a problem. So much so, the 1997-98 saw the team finish sixth – the lowest position in over 20 years.

During the decade succeeding 2010, Ajax finally began to revert back to their winning ways, winning the Eredivisie title four consecutive seasons in a row: 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14. In addition, they also were National Cup winners in 2010 and Dutch Super Cup winners in 2013.

What is AFC Ajax's Most Successful Period?

The late 1920s and 30s was, without a doubt, the most successful time for AFC Ajax. So much so, the late 20s put until World War II was so successful it was coined "the golden age" for the club. The team secured eight regional titles (1930–32, 1934–37 and 1939) and five national championships (1931, 1932, 1934, 1937 and 1939), making them the most successful team of that era in the country.

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