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Which Country Has the Fastest Footballers on FIFA?

Football is a sport that transcends borders, cultures, and languages — uniting fans around the world in their love of the game. The same rings true for EA’s FIFA 23 Speed is a key factor in the game, and indeed the sport as a whole. The ability to break through the defence and create scoring opportunities can make the difference between a win and a loss, and countries that produce fast players have a clear advantage on the pitch. From Brazil to Germany, Argentina to France, every country has its share of talented footballers. But when it comes to speed, only one nation can claim the title of the fastest. Digging into the details, Ticketgum crunched the numbers to determine which country has the fastest footballers on FIFA23 once and for all.

Which Countries Have The Fastest Team On Average?

  A graphic showing the top 15 countries with the fastest footballers on FIFA 23  

1. Sudan 

In first place for the country that is home to the fastest footballers in FIFA is Sudan. Boasting the highest average sprint speed of 79.75, players from this nation also have an impressive average acceleration score of 79.75 — second only to the players from Gibraltar!  Current MK Dons player Mo Eisa is the standout striker from this country, with a speedy pace of 86, an acceleration score of 90 and speed attribute of 83. 

2. Gibraltar 

In second place is Gibraltar. Although the national team has never successfully qualified for the World Cup, players from this country are certainly fast when it comes to FIFA. Footballers from this British Overseas Territory have an average pace of 79, acceleration of 81 and sprint speed of 77 in the game.  For anyone looking to inject a bit of speed into their team, perhaps consider Gibraltarian striker Tjay De Barr. His most impressive stat comes from his highest acceleration attribution, at 81. 

3. Angola 

Angola scores third on the list for the fastest team on FIFA 23, with an average pace of 78.1 across the team — this is a 31.4% difference from the least pacey team of Moldova.  Outside of the game, Angola have appeared in the finals of the FIFA World Cup on only one occasion since becoming a member of FIFA in 1980. However, the dream wasn’t fulfilled as they were eliminated in the Group Stage after a defeat by Portugal

4. Namibia

Just missing out on the top three is Namibia. But when it comes to FIFA 23, players can still expect footballers from this southwest African country to be pretty speedy. The average pace of professional countrymen sits at 77.67, with impressive scores for sprint speed (76.67) and acceleration (78.33).  Peter Shalulile is the fastest footballer from this nation, with a highest pace attribute of 78, acceleration of 77 and sprint speed of 79. 

5. Sierra Leone

The West African nation of Sierra Leone scores fifth on the list of the fastest football teams on FIFA 23 with a rapid average pace of 77.18. Players from this country have a high average sprint speed of 78.09 and average acceleration of 76, making them the perfect choice for any team needing a lightning-fast striker.

6. Liberia

Neighbouring Sierra Leone both geographically and in this top 10 is Liberia, coming sixth as the fastest country on FIFA 23. The swift footballers from this nation have an average pace of 76.86 which has been worked out by taking the average acceleration (76.43) and speed (77.29).  If you’re interested in the fastest of the fast to pad out your team, opt for Liberian striker Peter Wilson who boasts an impressive pace attribute of 89. 

7. Zambia

In seventh place in the tournament of fastest countries on FIFA 23 is Zambia. With strikers like Leicester City player Patson Daka, it’s hardly a surprise that the average pace for footballers from this country is 76.7.  While unfortunately this national speed hasn’t yet translated to international success — as Zambia is yet to qualify for the World Cup — bringing in a few forwards from this country is sure to benefit your team. 

8. Nigeria

Following on from Zambia is Nigeria with an average pace of 76.32, acceleration of 75.82 and sprint of 76.71. This speed often results in real-world wins too, with the national team only missing the 2006 and 2022 World Cups.  Current Napoli player and Nigerian international, Victor Osimhen, is the speediest of the bunch with a pace of 90. 

9. Suriname

In ninth place is South American country, Suriname. With an admirable average pace of 76.17, FIFA players should consider bringing in a few internationals from this nation — namely, Sheraldo Becker. The striker, who currently plays for Bundesliga club Union Berlin, has a pace attribute of 95.

10. Zimbabwe

Taking spot number 10 in the fastest international teams on FIFA 23 is Zimbabwe with a pace of 76.07. National players from this country have an average acceleration of 76.73 and sprint speed of 75.6, making them a safe bet for building a well-rounded team.  Although not a real Zimbabwean national, if you’re looking for the quickest player attributed to Zimbabwe in the game, look no further than Tanaka Roberts. The character, who plays for fictional club AFC Richmond in the show Ted Lasso, has a pace of 85. 

The Rest of the Top 15

Ghana, Uzbekistan, Honduras, Congo DR, and Gambia complete the top 15 countries with the fastest footballers on FIFA 23. With pace scores ranging from 75.81 to 74.8, these are certainly not countries you should be discounting when searching for speed for your team.  Iñaki Williams is one to watch out for. The Ghanaian international plays for Athletic Bilbao and is sure to impress with a rapid pace of 94.

What Are The Fastest Players On FIFA?

  A graphic showing the top 16 fastest footballers on FIFA 23

1. Kylian Mbappé – France

French Striker Kylian Mbappé, currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain and the French national team, tops the list as the world’s fastest footballer. Thanks to his incredible sprint speed, pace and acceleration, he is widely known as one of the best footballers on FIFA, and in the sport today. Scoring 97 across all three attributes — the fastest by quite a margin — there is no doubt this Frenchman is the game’s quickest athlete. 

2. Shetland Becker – The Netherlands

Shetland Becker, who currently plays for Union Berlin, is in second place. The Dutch international began his career at Ajax, and has also played for ADO Den Haag in the Netherlands. He is known for his speed and agility on the ball, with a highest pace score of 95, a highest acceleration score of 94, and a highest speed score of 95. This makes him the second-fastest footballer on FIFA.

3. Iñaki Williams – Spain 

Ghana’s fastest footballer, Iñaki Williams, lands third on the list of FIFA’s fastest footballers overall. Although he had his international debut with the Spanish national team in 2016, he chose to represent Ghana and was selected for the 2022 World Cup. With his pace sitting at 94, 93 for highest acceleration, and an impressive highest sprint speed of 94, it’s not hard to see why. 

4. Yony González – Columbia 

Colombian striker, Yony González, ranks fourth as the world's fastest footballer. He began his career at Envigado FC and currently plays for Portimonense S.C. With a respectable score of 93 for his pace and 93 for his sprint speed, it’s his acceleration attribute (94) that lands him in the top five fastest footballers on FIFA 23. 

5. Loïs Openda – Belgium 

Openda is a Belgian striker who currently plays for RC Lens and the Belgium national team. As a young player with a lot of potential, he is one of the most promising footballers coming out of the sport today. He has a highest pace score of 93, a highest acceleration score of 94, and a highest speed score of 93 — securing him fifth on the list. 

Who Are the Most Aggressive Players in the World?

But speed isn’t everything – aggression is also an important skill to have in the beautiful game. So, who are the most aggressive players in the world overall? To find out, Ticketgum crunched the numbers – taking the strength score, aggression score, and physicality score of each player on FIFA 23 and combining the average to calculate total aggressiveness.   The top 10 most aggressive footballers on FIFA  

1. Lucas Cavallini – Canada

Topping the list is Lucas Daniel Cavallini, a Canadian-Argentinian striker who currently plays for Tijuana and the Canadian national team. With an impressive aggressiveness score of 9.963, this footballer packs a serious punch on the pitch.  Over the 2022-23 season, Cavallini played 12 matches in the Liga MX league, in which he scored two goals, was awarded two assists and was given one yellow card. He also made an appearance in the Qater 2022 World Cup, playing for the Canadian national team, but scored no goals and made zero assists.   

2. Yeimar Gómez Andrade – Colombia

Yeimar Gómez Andrade, a Colombian defender for the Seattle Sounders, trails not far behind with an overall aggressiveness score of 9.960, just 0.003 less than Cavallini. Gómez played 17 matches in the last 2022-23 US Major League Soccer season, taking 5 shots with 1 on target, but 0 goals and assists. 


3. Doneil Henry – Canada

As the second Canadian in the top ten and the third most aggressive footballer in the world, Doneil Henry is one to watch on the field. As a centre-back and currently a free agent, Doneil scores an average aggressiveness score of 9.957, just 0.003 less than Gómez and 0.006 less than Cavallini. He played for 7 matches for Toronto in the Major League Soccer season of 2022 but scored no goals and no assists.  Interestingly, all three of the top most aggressive footballers in our study were 30 years old, including Doneil Henry — so much for mellowing out with age!  

Who Are the Least Aggressive Football Players in the World?

And while many top-tier players hone in their craft through an aggressive playing style, others tend to take a slower, more tactical approach. So, who are the least aggressive footballers in the world? Our findings might surprise you.    The top 10 least aggressive footballers on FIFA  

1. Tatsuya Ito – Japan

According to our data, Tatsuya Ito is the world’s least aggressive footballer: the 25-year-old Japanese footballer, who plays as a forward for German club 1. FC Magdeburg, on loan from Belgian side Sint-Truiden, ranks an aggression score of just 0.107.  Don’t let this stat fool you though, Ito is still a valuable player to watch out for, playing 33 matches in the 2022-23 season, scoring 5 goals and 5 assists. Aggression isn’t everything, ey?   

2. Felipe Valencia – USA

Followed closely behind as the second least aggressive footballer in the world is the American football player, Felipe Valencia. At just 18 years old, this forward is signed to the Major League Soccer team Inter Miami and has spent much of his time not in the squad or on the bench. He currently has scored no goals or assists, with an average aggressive score of 0.177.   

3. Bilal Boutobba – France

Coming in as the third least aggressive footballer in the world is Bilal Boutobba, the French professional footballer who plays as a right winger for Chamois Niortais F.C. However, what this 24-year-old footballer lacks in aggression, he makes up for in performance. In the Ligue 2 2022-23 season, Boutobba played a whopping 35 matches, scoring an impressive 11 goals and was awarded 5 assists.  Interestingly, despite Boutobba's ranking as one of the least aggressive players in our study, he was awarded 6 yellow cards in the very same season!   

Who Are The Most Aggressive Footballers in England?

While Canadians may take the cake as the most aggressive football players in the world, English players aren’t too far behind. As the country that started it all, here are the most aggressive footballers in England according to our study.   The top 10 most aggressive English footballers on FIFA  

1. Peter Hartley – Hartlepool United

Peter Hartley ranks as the top most English footballer, landing an aggressiveness score of 9.947 — just 0.016 points less than the most aggressive football player in the world, Lucas Cavallini, who scored 9.963.  The 35-year-old, who currently plays centre-back for the English League Two club, Hartlepool United, played 7 matches in the 2022-23 season, scoring 0 scores and 0 assists, but receiving one yellow card. He began his football career at Sunderland, during which time he had a spell on loan at Chesterfield


2. Eric Dier – Tottenham Hotspur

Eric Dier comes in second as the most aggressive English footballer. Playing for the Premier League Club Tottenham Hotspur, as well as the England national team, this 29-year-old footballer lands an impressive aggressiveness score of 9.917 — ranking 0.05 lower than Peter Hartley.  As a jack of all trades on the pitch, Dier has been deplored as a defences midfielder, a centre-back, and a back-right — playing 33 Premier League matches in the 2022-23 season, scoring two goals and one assist.   

3. Joss Labadie – Walsall FC

Walsall FC’s Joe Christopher Labadie ranks as the third most aggressive English footballer, closely behind Eric Dier, at 9.913. The 32-year-old footballer played 5 matches in the Football League Two 2022-23 season, but scored no goals and was awarded two yellow cards and one red card.  However, it was the Football League Two 2021-22 season where Labadie really showed how much of a (La)badie he can be, being awarded 13 yellow cards and one red card over a series of 35 matches.    One player to narrowly miss out on the top three was Andy Carrol, the bullish England forward who joined Liverpool for £35 million in 2010. To find out more about visiting the iconic ground Caroll called home between 2010 and 2013, check out our comprehensive Anfield stadium guide.  


  1. wanted to investigate which international football team has the fastest players on average. To do so, player stats on the football video game, FIFA 23, were used.
  2. Stats were obtained through
  3. To find the pace, we took an average of the speed and acceleration stats.
  4. To find the aggressiveness score for each player, strength, aggression, and physicality scores were combined as an average percentrank.
  5. For each team, the average pace, acceleration, and speed of all players on that team were calculated (excluding goalkeepers). The same was then done, but only for players whose preferred position was striker.
  6. Finally, the stats for the player with the most pace on each team were displayed.

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