Formed in: 1891
Winner of most titles - men: Rafael Nadal
Winner of most titles – women: Martina Navratilova
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Roland Garros, or the French Open, is a major tennis tournament: it is the world's premier clay court tennis championship and one of the four annual Grand Slam tournaments. Roland Garros takes place annually between May and June at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France, french open tickets have a very high demand all over the world. Get your french open tickets now before they sold out and njoy one of the most prestigious tournaments.
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French Open Tickets: Roland Garros Fixtures History

History of Roland-Garros

The first tournament was held in 1891, and was then called the French Championships. The competition was limited to French players in its first 34 years; then, in 1925, foreign players were allowed entry, and the tournament changed its name to the French Internationals. Until 1925 the tournament was held in several venues throughout Paris; in that year it found its permanent home in the new Stade Roland Garros, which gave the tournament its nickname. During WWII, Roland Garros had no choice but to suspend its activity. In the late 1960s, the Open Era in tennis had begun, with Roland-Garros being the first Grand Slam tournament to go open (allowing professionals as well as amateurs to compete). Another historic event occurred in 2007 as it was announced that the tournament would give equal prize money for both men and women, in all rounds.

The Most Successful Players in Roland-Garros History

Following is the list of players who won the most titles in Roland-Garros (since 1967):
  • Winner of most men's singles titles – Rafael Nadal, with 9 titles (most recently in 2014)
  • Winners of most men's doubles titles – Daniel Nestor and Max Mirnyi, with 4 titles each.
  • Winner of most men's mixed doubles titles (since 1925) – Ken Fletcher and Jean-Claude Barclay with 3 titles each.
  • Winner of most titles (men's singles, doubles, mixed) – Rafael Nadal, with 9 titles.
  • Winner of most women's singles titles – Chris Evert, with 7 titles (most recently in 1986).
  • Winner of most women's doubles titles – Martina Navratilova, with 7 titles (most recently in 1988).
  • Winner of most women's mixed doubles titles - Françoise Dürr, with 3 titles (most recently in 1973).
  • Winner of most titles (women's singles, doubles, mixed) – Martina Navratilova, with 11 titles.

Memorable Moments in Roland-Garros History

Here are several moments in Roland-Garros history no tennis fan will ever forget:
  • Chand/Lendl 1989 – In this 1989 game, 17-year-old Michael Chang seemed no match for the formidable Ivan Lendl. But using tactics such as lobbing the ball, standing close to the service line and serving underhand, he managed to unnerve Lendl and win the game, becoming the youngest French Open champion ever.
  • Hingis/Graff 1999 – This game was the last Grand Slam Steffi Grand would win, and it was one of the most dramatic in French Open history: it included Graff winning a 32 stroke rally when Hingis tried to serve out, an very long bathroom break taken by Hingis, and Hingis leaving the court after losing and having to be persuaded to come back.
  • Federer/Nadal 2005 – a double celebration occurred on Nadal's 19th birthday as he managed to beat Federer in an enthralling semi-final match, showcasing his stellar defensive play. Nadal went on to win the championship.

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