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German Bundesliga Tickets Information

The German Bundesliga is the top professional football league in Germany and one of the most prestigious football leagues in the world. Founded in 1963, the league has a rich history and has established itself as one of the most competitive leagues in Europe.

The league features 18 teams from all over Germany, competing against each other in a round-robin format over the course of a season. The team that finishes with the most points at the end of the season is crowned champion of Germany and awarded the Bundesliga trophy.

The league is known for its high-quality football and tactical expertise, with German clubs often prioritizing a strong defense and pressing style of play. German clubs have enjoyed success in European competitions, with Bayern Munich winning the UEFA Champions League multiple times in the past. In addition, German clubs have won several UEFA Europa League and UEFA Cup titles.

The league has attracted some of the world's best players, including Robert Lewandowski, Erling Haaland, and Thomas Müller. The league's clubs are known for their disciplined and efficient style of play, with many teams featuring a blend of experienced veterans and talented young players.

German clubs have also attracted some of the world's best coaches, including Pep Guardiola, Jürgen Klopp, and Carlo Ancelotti. These coaches have brought their unique tactical styles and personalities to the league, adding to its appeal.

The league is home to several iconic stadiums, including the Allianz Arena (home of Bayern Munich), Signal Iduna Park (home of Borussia Dortmund), and Veltins-Arena (home of Schalke 04). These stadiums have hosted some of the most significant matches in football history and continue to be an important part of the league's identity.

The league has a passionate fan base, with supporters known for their vocal support of their teams. The league's biggest matches, such as the Revierderby between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04 or the Klassiker between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, are among the most watched football matches in Germany. The league's global appeal has also led to the establishment of official fan clubs all over the world, from the United States to Asia.

In conclusion, the German Bundesliga is one of the most prestigious and competitive football leagues in the world. With its rich history, iconic stadiums, and passionate fan base, it is no surprise that the league attracts some of the world's best players and coaches. The league's success in European competitions has also helped to cement its status as one of the most respected football leagues in the world. Whether you are a fan of Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04, or any of the other 15 teams in the league, the Bundesliga is sure to provide you with plenty of excitement and drama throughout the season.

All of the Bundesliga clubs qualify for the DFB-Pokal. The winner of the Bundesliga qualifies for the DFL-Supercup.A total of 53 clubs have competed in the Bundesliga since its founding.
FC Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga the most, winning the title 23 times. However, the Bundesliga has seen other champions with Borussia Dortmund, Hamburger SV, Werder Bremen, Borussia Mönchengladbach and VfB Stuttgart most prominent among them.

The Bundesliga is one of the top national leagues, currently ranked 3rd in Europe according to UEFA's league coefficient ranking, based on recent European performances.
The Bundesliga is the number one football league in the world in terms of average attendance; out of all sports, its average of 45,134 fans per game during the 2011–12 season was the second highest of any sports league in the world.The Bundesliga is broadcast on television in over 200 countries.

German Bundesliga Ticket Prices

The average ticket price for the German Bundesliga ranges from €75 to €135.

German Bundesliga ticket prices by club:

Club Low High Average
Bayern Munich €225 €1,115 €305
Borussia Dortmund €215 €840 €295
Bayer Leverkusen €100 €260 €140
Werder Bremen €190 €365 €235
Monchengladbach €110 €250 €190

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German Bundesliga Tickets Information Table

Borussia Dortmund25172653
Bayern Munich25157352
1. FC Union Berlin25146548
SC Freiburg25137546
RB Leipzig25136645
Eintracht Frankfurt25117740
Bayer Leverkusen251141037
Werder Bremen25941231
FC Augsburg25841328
Hertha Berlin25561421
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