5 top stadiums ranking in the EPL

There are a lot of stadiums across the globe, where different football matches take place. These stadiums are located in different locales and different countries worldwide. Every football club has its own stadium, which lends a totally different ambience at every football match.

Among so many, we have listed the 5 top football stadiums, as they are ranked in the English Premier League. These rankings are based on the capacity, location, history, facilities, atmosphere, and design of all the football stadiums.


  1. Old Trafford


The Old Trafford stadium belongs to the football club, Manchester United. It was opened in 1910. This over a century old English club ground is the most iconic and largest football venue in the world. The stadium has a capacity of 75,731 spectators. It is by far the biggest stadium in the league.

The Old Trafford stadium is in competition with the San Siro, the Bernabeu, and the Camp Nou arenas. United is one of the most valuable sports franchise in the world, which is why the seats of this stadium are able to fill with keen football fans. This makes every match in this stadium a true event for everyone.

United’s home stadium bears the history of the Busby Babes, Billy Meredith, the Class of 92, Cantona, Ronaldo, Charlton, Robson, and many more. Owing to this, this park is known as the Theatre of Dreams, the best of new and old and is the number one football ground in the Premier League.


  1. Anfield



This Liverpool football stadium was opened in 1884. It boasts a marvelous history and has the most exemplary end stand in the sport. In 1994, the seated Kop was changed by the well-known terrace, which is a single-tier stand. This stadium can house 45,276 viewers.

This noisy venue has all the character as well as history that a stadium should have, along with various storied football matches played on this ground. The Main Stand of the stadium, which has a capacity of 55,000 spectators, represents a modern take from the club that is blamed for dwelling a lot on the past.

Although, Anfield is not the newest, most beautiful, or the biggest football stadium in the EPL, it is to Liverpool fans that attend the several matches in this ground and make every football match as well as the ambiance exceptional.


  1. St. James’ Park



This stadium is of the Newcastle United football team. The stadium was opened in 1892 and has a capacity of 52,404 people. It surely has the volume with its seating of more than 50,000 audiences in its blessed grounds.

The seats in the St. James’ Park stadium are scattered in a unique way. The home stands at the stadium are a little bit small than an away stand, which stretches so far and high that it can have a fan more than 1,300 feet from the match. This offers the home enthusiasts a special advantage over others.


  1. The Emirates



This Arsenal football stadium was opened recently in 2006. This stadium is over 10 years old and can seat 60,432 people as compared to the Highbury capacity of 38,000 people. However, Highbury once held more than 70,000 people, when it was allowed to stand in the stadium. The Emirates was the first modern and large arena, which was built by the conventional giant of English football.

Named after a middle-eastern airline, the Emirates stadium is the second newest stadium in the English Premier League and has the finest facilities and stature. This outstanding league venue is one of the best modern football stadiums as and has the best pitch in England. However, watching a match in the Emirates is not as good as it is to play there.

The Gunners fans are seated further away from the match action as opposed to Highbury. Moreover, each side of the park has corporate seats, which are known as the ‘prawn circle.’ But, maybe this problem can be fixed as soon as the Gunners win their first football prize at this new stadium.


  1. Etihad Stadium



Manchester City’s home stadium is the Etihad stadium, which was opened in 2003. This stadium, which was previously called the City of Manchester Stadium, has a capacity of 47,805 viewers. Converted from an athletics ground, this football park was initially build for the Common games of 2002, but was remodeled to a new stadium for City.

The athletics track was entirely removed from the park. Plus, earlier the stadium held 41,000 audiences for the Games, but after the conversion it held 48,000 people for football and has now enlarged to 55,000 spectators. In fact, there are plans to increase the seating in this stadium further to 61,000 people.

This new stadium lends a luxurious feel and does not have anything bad about it. It is architecturally spectacular and does not have any obstructed sights from the stands. However, there is one downside to this football ground, which is the distance from the stands to the pitch. This distance is not the best for football supporters and draws away a little from the match’s atmosphere.

So, these are the five best stadiums in the Premier League ranking.