7 best players on Premier League transfers list in January

The transfer window of January will be opening soon. This window will provide English Premier League football teams with the opportunity to make some main additions to their football squad. This year January transfer window will be different for everyone, depending on the club they support.

Fans of different clubs will get some optimism after their club through transfers at such an important stage of the football season. Although, most of the deals in the January transfer window will not send your pulse racing, a few prospective deals will give football fans a major treat. Have a look at the best players who can be transferred in the January transfer window.


  1. James Rodriguez



This Real Madrid player is seeking a transfer from his team after getting upset with his playing time lack at the Bernabeu. He got noticed by the world in the 2014 World Cup. James can be a key addition to any football team owing to his fine playing talent.

However, the fee of James can possibly be nearly £60m, which means it should be seriously considered by prospective suitors, whether he is worth paying for or not. James can be one of the biggest deals of the January window, if he moves. He can land up in Chelsea, Arsenal, Inter Milan, Manchester United, or Juventus football clubs.


  1. Virgil van Dijk



This defending player from Southampton has got a lot of skills to admire and has impressed his fans for a few seasons now. At the age of 25 years, he is physically commanding and has proved his talent in the English Premier League. And, since he has got a lot of admirers, Southampton can highly name his price. According to the most recent reports, Virgil can be moved for £50m. He can land up in Manchester City and Chelsea.


  1. Macro Veratti



This PSG midfielder would be a great addition to the Premier League with a lot of speculation surrounding his future. He is consistently one of the champions as well as standout performers of the Ligue 1. This is why he would be a great signing for any football team that he joins.

Antonio Conte is one of his well-known admirers. He worked with Macro when the former was the manager of Italy. One of the many keen signers of Macro is the Chelsea manger, if he plans to leave the Parc de Princes. Macro could join Chelsea, Barcelona, Juventus, or Inter Milan.


  1. Dimitri Payet



Dimitri is a top talented player as seen in his superb performances in the summer at Euro 2016 football match. He had a wonderful football season at West Ham. Things have been so smooth for Payet after France almost lifted the trophy of the European Championship on its home stadium.

Since then, Dimitri has had a few brilliant moments and games, among which the most notable one is his solo goal and run against Middlesbrough. But, he can be transferred somewhere else, owing to some of his most recent performances in a struggling football team. Most of this West Ham fans also suggest this. He can land in Arsenal or Manchester United football clubs.


  1. Memphis Depay



This midfielder of Manchester United does not play too well as he should. This 22-year-old player has barely got a chance under Jose Mourinho and has failed to perform up to his billing. Although, he is not that much good, he has got many years ahead to improve himself.

Memphis can be the one to leave his team 18 months after he arrived from PSV. Moreover, Manchester United may prefer to send him in order to play it safe or loan him instead of letting him depart permanently. Depay can possibly be transferred to Roma, Everton, or West Ham football clubs.


  1. Morgan Schneiderlin



Schneiderlin has a difficult future at Old Trafford after seeing the action in this season’s league for just 11 minutes. The football player was a part of the Euro 2016 squad of France. Moreover, Manchester United basically has a lot of central midfield alternatives and the former player of Southampton does not stand out with his game, whether it is offensively or defensively. He can land up in West Brom or Everton football clubs.


  1. Franck Kessie



Kessie has emerged as a great football player in the Serie A season of 2016/17 with his superb performances to date. He has impressed everyone this season with his playing skills. The Atlanta midfielder is thus scouted by almost every main football club in Europe.

Nevertheless, the price of this 20-year-old talented player will be much higher than his current football club. Although, Atlanta has made clear they will not sell their defensive midfielder, but if offered more money he can switch. He is likely to be taken by Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Juventus, Napoli, or Barcelona football clubs.

So, these are the 7 best players on Premier League transfers list this season in January. Wait for January and see for yourself, which football player is transferred to which club for the next year.