What to Wear to a Football Game?

It can be hard picking what to wear to a football game. Do you simply just go for the colours of the team your supporting? Do you wear a t-shirt with their logo? With a scarf or without a scarf? This post will break down what you should wear to a football game, so you can fit right in and enjoy the match without worrying whether you’re wearing the right attire.


Colour Scheme

Usually football supporters wear the colours that correspond to their team’s uniform, for example – Manchester United’s colour scheme is red and white, and sometimes yellow. Just keep your team’s colour scheme in mind when deciding what to wear to a football match. This is because it would be mortifying to find out that you’re wearing the opposing team’s colours but sitting in the section of your team’s fans – it could lead to some unnecessary confusion!

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Kits? Not so much.

If you’re a true supporter and want to go ‘all-out’ when supporting your team at a football game – you could wear the whole kit that the professional players wear. However, if you do this, beware that you most likely will be looked at and judged (slightly or maybe not so slightly). Note that it’s more common for young kids to wear the full kit of their team, so you may look a bit out of place.

So instead of wearing the whole kit when watching your favourite team play at the stadium, we recommend that you just go with the team’s t-shirt which is much more socially acceptable.


Small Items That Show Support

Wearing the team’s hat and/or scarf is definitely a common practice when fans go to support their teams at a match. Evidently, this is an even more popular addition to a ‘football game’ outfit in the colder months. Keep warm while showing support for your team with a scarf or hat! Alternatively, if you don’t have a scarf or hat with your team’s logo, you could just wear items that fit their colour scheme.

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Casual is The Way to Go

To answer your question “what should I wear to a football game?” – your best bet would be to wear something casual. Why not wear jeans with a jumper and either trainers or boots? This is what football fans (both men and women) typically wear when they go to watch football games.

As one of the first English teams to truly dominate in Europe, Liverpool fans were instrumental in bringing casual clothing to English football, with their European exploits allowing fans to adopt many of the continental brands that were famous in their opponent’s countries. To find out more about visiting Liverpool’s iconic ground, check out our comprehensive Anfield stadium guide.

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Hospitality Ticket Dress Code

Note: If you have hospitality tickets you may have a specific dress code which you must adhere to. For example, most hospitality tickets will state that you must wear a ‘smart casual’ outfit and not wear jeans or trainers – so before you get to comfortable in your casual wear, be sure to check whether there are any specified dress codes on your ticket. That will answer your question as to what to wear to a football game.

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To conclude, how to dress for a football game depends entirely on your preferences, the weather and the colour scheme of your team’s kit. However, bear in mind, when choosing what to wear, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and that you’re not offending anyone with your attire.

So, now that you know what clothes to wear to watch football, why not purchase some football tickets to see your favourite team play? Also, be sure to check out what the best seats are, for the ultimate football viewing experience!



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