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Football Stadium "The City Ground": A Historic Venue for Football Enthusiasts

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to "The City Ground," a renowned football stadium situated in Nottingham, England. This blog post will provide you with an in-depth look into the stadium's rich history, its impressive capacity, transportation options to reach the venue, details about the stands, hospitality ticket options, notable landmarks nearby, and suggestions for exploring the surrounding area including pubs, hotels, and attractions.

History of The City Ground

Since its establishment in 1898, The City Ground has become an iconic venue in English football. It serves as the home ground for Nottingham Forest Football Club and has witnessed numerous memorable matches and historic moments throughout the years. The stadium's history is filled with triumphs, including Nottingham Forest's two consecutive European Cup victories in 1979 and 1980 under the legendary manager Brian Clough.

The City Ground has undergone several renovations and modernizations over time to enhance the spectator experience while preserving its unique heritage. Despite the changes, the stadium has managed to retain its traditional charm and continues to attract football enthusiasts from around the world.


The City Ground has a seating capacity of approximately 30,445, providing an intimate and electric atmosphere for fans to enjoy the game. The stadium offers a mix of seating options, including general admission seats, executive boxes, and hospitality areas, catering to the diverse preferences of spectators.

How to Get There

There are several convenient transportation options to reach The City Ground:

By Bus

Nottingham's extensive bus network connects the stadium to various parts of the city. Several bus routes, including 11, 17, 25, 44, and 49, have stops near the stadium, making it easily accessible for both local and visiting fans.

By Bike

For eco-conscious fans or those seeking an active mode of transportation, cycling to The City Ground is a fantastic option. The stadium provides bike racks where supporters can securely park their bicycles during the match.

By Car

If you prefer to drive, The City Ground is conveniently located near major roads, including the A52 and A60. However, parking around the stadium can be limited on match days, so it's advisable to arrive early or consider utilizing public transportation.

The Stands

The City Ground features four distinct stands, each offering a unique vantage point and atmosphere:

Trent End

The Trent End stand, located behind one of the goals, is renowned for its passionate atmosphere. This stand houses some of the most vocal and dedicated Nottingham Forest supporters, creating an electrifying ambiance during matches.

Brian Clough Stand

Named in honor of Nottingham Forest's legendary manager, the Brian Clough Stand offers a panoramic view of the pitch. It is a two-tiered stand, providing excellent seating options and modern facilities for fans.

Peter Taylor Stand

The Peter Taylor Stand, named after Brian Clough's trusted assistant, is another popular seating area. It offers a mix of seating and hospitality options, providing a comfortable experience for spectators.

Bridgford Stand

Located opposite the Trent End, the Bridgford Stand completes the stadium's bowl-like structure. It provides excellent views of the action on the pitch and accommodates both home and away supporters.

Hospitality Tickets

For fans seeking a premium matchday experience, The City Ground offers various hospitality ticket packages. These packages provide access to exclusive seating areas, lounges, and dining options, allowing spectators to enjoy the game in style and comfort. Hospitality tickets are ideal for corporate events, special occasions, or simply indulging in a memorable football experience.

Landmarks Near The City Ground

The City Ground is situated in a vibrant area of Nottingham, with several notable landmarks worth exploring:

Nottingham Castle

A short distance from the stadium, Nottingham Castle is a historic landmark that offers a glimpse into the city's rich heritage. Visitors can enjoy guided tours, explore the beautiful grounds, and learn about Nottingham's fascinating history.

Old Market Square

Located in the heart of Nottingham, Old Market Square is the city's primary public space. It is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, making it an ideal spot to relax and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Claimed to be the oldest pub in England, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is a must-visit for football fans looking for a pint before or after the match. With its historical charm and unique location below Nottingham Castle, this pub offers a memorable experience.


The City Ground offers guided stadium tours, allowing fans to explore behind the scenes and discover the stadium's fascinating history. During the tour, visitors can visit the dressing rooms, walk through the players' tunnel, and even sit in the manager's dugout. It's an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the club's heritage and get a glimpse of what goes on beyond the pitch.

Area Around The City Ground: Pubs, Hotels, and Attractions

When visiting The City Ground, there are numerous pubs, hotels, and attractions in the vicinity to enhance your overall experience:


In addition to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, football fans can explore other local pubs such as The Southbank Bar and The Embankment. These establishments offer a friendly atmosphere, delicious food, and a wide selection of beverages, making them perfect for pre or post-match gatherings.


If you're looking for accommodation near The City Ground, Nottingham offers a range of hotels catering to various budgets. Some popular options include the Park Plaza Nottingham, Crowne Plaza Nottingham, and Jurys Inn Nottingham, all within close proximity to the stadium.


While in Nottingham, take the opportunity to explore other attractions such as the Nottingham Industrial Museum, Nottingham Playhouse, or the Nottingham Contemporary art gallery. These attractions showcase the city's cultural offerings and provide alternative activities to complement your football experience.

Overall, The City Ground offers an unforgettable football experience, combining a rich history, passionate atmosphere, and convenient amenities. Whether you're a Nottingham Forest supporter or a football enthusiast, visiting this iconic stadium should be high on your list of sporting destinations.

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