League members: 47 English clubs (including 2 Welsh clubs) have played in the Premier League since its formation.
Formed in: 1992
Club with most victories in the League: Manchester United
Greatest scorers in the League: Alan Shearer
The Premier League is the top-most league for English football clubs and England's primary football competition. 20 clubs compete every year for the League title. The league is currently sponsored by Barclays Bank – therefore, its official name is Barclays Premier League.
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Premier League History

The Premier League, also known as the English Premier League (EPL), is the top level of the English football league system. The competition was formed in February 1992 and known as the "FA Premier League", as the Football Association (FA) helped to create it. When it was first formed, it consisted of 22 teams, however this was reduced to 20 in 1995.

The Premier League season typically operates from August to May, with most games played on Saturday and Sunday afternoons – although there are sometimes Monday and Friday night games. Each individual team plays 38 matches, which entails playing 19 other teams twice, both at their home stadium and away.

In the Premier League, at the end of every season, the three lowest placed teams in the top-flight league get relegated to the EFL Championship, and the top two teams from the Championship get promoted to the Premier League, including an additional team promoted after a series of play-offs involving the third, fourth, fifth and sixth placed clubs in the top tier.

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Premier League History Table

Manchester City38322498
Tottenham Hotspur382321371
Manchester United381991066
Wolverhampton Wanderers381691357
Leicester City381571652
West Ham United381571652
Crystal Palace381471749
Newcastle United381291745
Brighton and Hove Albion38992036
Cardiff City381042434
Huddersfield Town38372816